Tuesday, December 23, 2008

British Royal Marines Fight Taliban in Santa Hats

When Taliban Attack Interrupts Their Christmas Service, British Royal Marines Fight Back in Santa Hats
They were in the middle of a traditional carol service, complete with Santa hats and song sheets, when they came under attack from the Taliban, who had targeted one of the checkpoints. There was the sound of machine gun fire and an explosion. They dropped their hymn sheets and literally ran 200 metres to the mortar lines.

A few Santa hats were thrown on the ground, but for others there was no time to remove them. They were still wearing their hats when they fired their mortar rounds.
It went on for about 45 minutes and by then it was pretty much dark. But they went back to the war memorial and continued their service. I think that later they had their Christmas meal.


Brian H said...

That pic begs for a caption:

"Merry Christmas from Santa, Taliwanker!"

Wolverine said...

Brian hahahahahaha well said ... well said ...